Feed back is Good

As my friend Pete Pizor always said, “feedback is good”.  Usually he meant it as an excuse for target practice while we were hunting, but that’s a different story.

Still, feedback is a good thing.  As you’re reading my posts, I hope you will leave me some feedback.  Was it good? 🙂  Not so good? 😦  Did it make you think, or inspire you, or miss the mark?  Your feedback will help me as I explore how to use my gift of writing.

In particular, if you have any feedback about the two “Rim Rocked” pieces, please share it with me.  “H”, my volunteer editor, keeps encouraging me to do something more with the Rim Rocked concept, but I’m stuck.  Let me know if those pieces left you wanting more of something.


8 thoughts on “Feed back is Good

  1. Tom – I have read all of your posts and find them very enlightening. Some are difficult to read but I’ve read them none-the-less. Keep writing. Keep writing. Keep writing. You have a message for those of us who move through life without the kind of life changing difficulties that you now are experiencing and we need to know what it is like to be in your shoes. Not that we can or would choose to walk in them but for some little glimmer of what it is that moves deep within your soul. Your writing is showing us that and a blessing to all of us who read. Keep writing.

    • Cathy: Thank you for your comment. I’m glad that you’ve found my material enlightening. I’m curious about what you’ve found “difficult to read”. Is that a function of poor writing, or of the nature of the material? I can work on the one, the other, unfortunately, not so much. thanks.

  2. D,
    I am just catching up on these. Look forward to some comments in a week or so when work slows down and I have a chance to reflect. Keep writing though…

  3. Following on previous comments… It is difficult for me to read questions for which there are no satisfactory answers, other than God has an infinite and eternal perspective and ours is temporary and finite — not very satisfying.

    Being a city slicker, my rim-rocked moments have been more like Jimmy Stewart on the bridge in Miracle on 34th Street, like after being unemployed for over a year with a wife and kids to support. “I’m worth more dead than alive.” However, it’s at these low points that I truly throw up my hands and seek Him first.

    Being humbled sucks, but I guess Jesus knows this by asking, “Father, if you are willing, take this cup from me…”

    But then why bring Tom’s family along for the ride? At least Jesus didn’t have a wife and kids to worry about. But in hindsight, the body of Christ has circled them in a way that was not imaginable during my visit to Yoder when you were officially diagnosed with ALS.

    But what about your ministry — or I guess I should say God’s ministry through you? Perhaps more or different people needed to be reached — or in a different way? That’s one question I have to keep the Rim Rocked theme going.

    How has your perspective changed in the past year? How has this changed God’s ministry through you? How might this be part of His plan? Was being rim-rocked a necessary step along the path? Again, more difficult questions with no satisfactory answers, I expect.

  4. Tom,
    Thanks for posting your thoughts and sharing your emotions. You are living life where I have not had to go. It is very helpful to hear your story and begin to understand what ALS is about to you and what Christ has done in your life. I am sharing your blog with the Guys I meet with for Breakfast on Tuesday’s. Keep the stories and sermon’s coming!

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