Blues 101 – a comment on Blues in a Christian Key

In case you didn’t read the comments to Blues in a Christian Key …

Brian spent a number of years as a manager at Paul Allen’s EMP (Experience Music Project) in Seattle.  (That probably qualifies him as the hippest middle-manager of any law firm in Seattle.)  If you’re ever in Seattle, take in EMP.  It may seem pricey, but as the name says, it is an experience.  Any way, here’s Brian’s educational comment on “Blues in a Christian Key”.

First, This is a longer conversation we need to have.
Second, Have I shared with you Kelly Joe Phelps “Roll Away The Stone”? (Ed. Nope)
Third, The legend has it that “The Crossroads” is where you choose Gospel or Blues, sacred or secular. The choice is a myth, as you eloquently stated.
Fourth and to be continued, Gospel and Blues are inextricable. In the old Gospel tunes, there was a “moaning verse” where the congregation would moan in a way that no words could convey for the Holy Spirit to interpret. In American popular music, that became the bent notes of the saxaphone in Jazz, the lead guitar solo in Blues/Rock n Roll, the harmonica in Blues/Folk and the steel guitar in Blues/Country.


One thought on “Blues 101 – a comment on Blues in a Christian Key

  1. I wish we could have something like this at our Zion church also. Music that makes you wow out loud is something I can’t leave without.

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