My Song

Writer ‘s block … What to write, what to write … What am I supposed to write?

Hmmm.  Psalm 89 this morning.  Maybe if I listen, the Lord might drop a hint.  Well look at this:  “Your love, GOD, is my song, and I’ll sing it! I’m forever telling everyone how faithful you are”. Huh.  Isn’t that interesting?  But look at what’s next: “I’ll never quit telling the story of your love”.  How ’bout that?! … Telling everyone how faithful God is, telling the story of God’s love?  Guess that pretty much sums up what my writing is about!

Sooo.  Let me tell you about how lovingly faithful God was to me yesterday.

Number one, God loved me enough to give me another day.  Sure I woke up as groggy as a sailor on shore leave, and stayed that way most of the day, but my back and shoulder muscles felt more relaxed than they have in months.

Faithfulness?  Even going into year two of ALS I still had the strength to walk back home from the auto shop, as easily as a year ago.  And even though I can’t pastor any more I had meaningful work to do for Him yesterday, using my gifts and talents to help Wyoming’s Presbyterian churches communicate effectively.

The story of God’s love yesterday has to include dinner.  ALS has made meals difficult sometimes.  It’s so much work to chew and swallow.  But because God loves me, dinner was all about Pizza Hut Supreme Hand-tossed.  I could chew the green pepper chunks, and enjoy the blended flavors with the onions, the rich sausage, and the mellow cheese.  Yummy, yummy, yummy! One day I might not be able to eat it.  But God is faithful, and that day is not yet.  One more thing I have to sing about at dinner last night – my kids.  Three years apart, but roaring with laughter as they relived the two weeks spent with their second cousins this summer; free for a few moments from their sibling contest.

Such joy.  That’s how much God loved me yesterday.

How about you?  Care to hum a few bars about God’s love in a comment?  Help yourself


2 thoughts on “My Song

  1. I read this in Eugene Peterson for Dyslexics (actually Living the Message: Daily Help for Living a God-centered Life).

    “Being a writer and being a pastor are virtually the same thing for me: an entrance into chaos, the mess of things, and then the slow mysterious work of making something out of it, something good, something blessed—poem, prayer, conversation, sermon, a sighting of grace, a recognition of love, a shopping of virtue… Writing is not a literary act but spiritual. And pastoring is not managing a religious business but a spiritual quest.”

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