What I’m Keeping an Eye On

I promise not to get into politics, but let me let you know what I’m keeping an eye on, situations that are heightening my sense of urgency about writing.

  1. The “Occupy” protests: These are not spontaneous outpouring of good old American dissatisfaction.  I knew sometime May or June that September 17th was the target date for Occupy Wall street, the brainchild of an SEIU organizer named Steven Learner.  Right now it seems silly and innocuous, but remember that the “Arab Spring” began with little attention paid to it.  Now, Egypt is in real trouble, and the radical Muslim Brotherhood has taken advantage of the chaos.  If chaos continues to grow with the Occupy movement, through the winter and into the spring, watch out.
  2. The E.U. and the growing debt crisis.  Many voices are saying that the E.U. could collapse any day.  That would not be good for anyone.
  3. The U.S. economy.  The fact that Bernanke and Geitner have come out and said that the economy is no longer “recovering” is a warning signal.  If they have turned pessimistic, things must be actually much worse than they are admitting.
  4. The foiled Iranian plot to assassinate Israeli and Saudi diplomats in this country.  Just last week I learned that all of the conditions of the revolutionary movement of the 1960’s are in place in 2011, except for assassinations.  In that light, this plot is troubling.  Keep an eye on how we respond, and how the Israelis respond.  Who wins and looses?  Any implications for Iran’s promise of sending one of their warships to patrol off our coast?

I don’t intend to comment about these things on my blog.  They are circumstances that I am watching, because I think they are part of a larger pattern; that pattern is infusing me with a greater sense of urgency, and probably will lead me to write more bluntly at times.

Meet you back here soon.


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