Church – Life Changing or Not?

Did you see that the Barna Group did a recent survey asking American Christians about the effect going to worship has on their life?  I think the results are thought provoking:

26% said their life has changed or been greatly impacted

25% said it “somewhat” had an influence

46% said their life has not changed from attending church

Why is that?  How do you think these numbers break down in your own church?  Why do you go to worship?  And pastors, is leading worship transforming for you?

One more thing I came across recently, that may be related: a video that went viral last month that is very provocative.  If you haven’t seen “Why I Love Jesus but Hate Religion” yet, take a look.  Do you agree there is a difference between religion and following Jesus?  Should religion be life changing?  Is it the wrong thing to expect?  Would you expect following Jesus to be life changing?  Are following Jesus and religion mutually exclusive?  If yes, then what?  If no, then why don’t Barna’s numbers suggest otherwise?  Share your thoughts and reactions with a comment!  I’m trying to provoke a response here!

At this point, I’m not saying one thing or another.  One day soon, however, I may share with you some shifts in my own thinking.


One thought on “Church – Life Changing or Not?

  1. Tom, I am reminded of author Robert Louis Stevenson’s comment that “When Jesus came into my life, I came about like a well-handled ship.” If we didn’t have a similar experience, then we should go back and ask Him what we missed.

    God bless, Buddy. Good to see you at breakfast today. Bo

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