One Day

Today is a crater day for me.  Every so often I just crater physically – muscles twitch and tremble, and there’s simply no energy.  I slept for an extra two hours this morning, and will probably go sleep some more.  But – maybe one day there will be a need for this plan …

My wife is famous for needing to have a plan.  While things don’t have to go according to the plan, she just needs to have one before moving forward.  On the other hand, I am a happy little hamster when wandering the countryside, sticking my nose into whatever captures my attention, with no definite destination in mind.  Quite literally.  My wife refuses to go hiking with me unless I can first produce a notarized assurance that we will in fact be traveling on a trail with a definite point B to follow point A.  After almost twenty-two years of marriage, however, she is beginning to rub off on me.

I realized this morning that if I should find myself in the happy circumstance of being Divinely healed from ALS, I should have a plan.  You see, the man at Bethesda Pool in John 5 had been there thirty-eight years, supposedly waiting for a chance to be healed.  But when Jesus came along the man obviously didn’t have a plan.  He answered Jesus’ question (“do you want to be healed?”) with excuses as to why he had been there so long.  Jesus healed him anyway, and the man went home with his mat just like Jesus told him.  Jesus had to tell him to roll up his mat and go home because he had no plan.  He just stood there with a vacant look on his face, trying to figure out what to do next.  He hadn’t really thought about this moment.  That won’t be me brother.  Here’s my What To Do When My Muscles Work Again List:

> Go to church and SING!  Particularly, in a church with lots of contemporary worship music.

> Pray out loud with a group of fellow believers.

> Park somewhere with an awe inspiring view, puff up a big churchill or a fat toro maduro cigar and write about what has happened.

> Teach and preach about Jesus every chance I can find.

> Drink a milkshake through a straw.

> Go for a walk with my wife and have a conversation.

> Embarrass my teenager by loudly bellowing at her basketball games.

> Whistle jaunty tunes.

> Have a real conversation with my kids about stuff – school, friends, movies, Jesus, everything.

> Offer to help train summer camp staff.

> Go help tornado victims.

> Drink some red wine (along with a cigar).

> Finish dinner while everyone else is still at the table.

> Pray the Great Prayer of Thanksgiving and lead communion.

> Spend more time visiting and praying with people.

> Laugh out loud – a lot.

> Hum while listening to my music – even sing along.

> Call my mom and dad, my brother, my cousins, everyone, and talk on the phone.

> But more than all of that, praise God out loud for what he did for me, and tell as many people as I can the story of how God proved his power and love to me.

Jesus healed that poor schlub at Bethesda Pool even though he never had a plan; so I doubt that my little list matters very much.  And I don’t know if it really helps get me through a crater day any better or not.  But, if nothing else, I’ve given thought to what I would do if Jesus one day says to me, “Go home and tell everything God did in you.” (Luke 8:39)


5 thoughts on “One Day

  1. Tom,

    I’ll adopt all the steps in your plan, except for the cigar parts.

    And please note that, while the man on the pallet at Bethesda did not have a plan, God certainly did.

    • Hey Bo! No cheating! Go develop your own plan!:) But if you really want to plagiarize mine, you’ll miss one of the best parts if you leave out the cigars. ~ TT
      P>S> it’s all about God’s plan not our own, right?

  2. It only took this long for her to rub off on you? 😉 I love your plan. It makes me smile with tears on my face. Good thing you can articulate your plan while we wait for His.

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