Empty. Forever. Miracle. Promise. The Promise. Guarantee. God’s love proven. Death of death. Hope. One Day. Today. The Last Laugh. I believe.

How would you caption the Rez? Write it and share it in a comment. I’m interested to hear it. Happy Easter


3 thoughts on “EASTER MORNING

  1. This year, Christ’s Resurrection has affected me more than ever before. Everything He needed to do to ensure our salvation, He did on Good Friday. Easter morning wasn’t necessary for God’s Plan.

    But when it was all over, the empty tomb was His calling card. He revealed who He was. You can’t kill God.

  2. To me, Easter is my reason for living and also for dying. Because He lives, I know I will also live (after I die); and I will live with Him forever! How comforting to know that we will all be like Him. We will close our eyes on this side, and open them into His on the other side. Why would anyone not sign up for a deal like this?

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