It Don’t Come Easy

With apologies to Ringo Star, “ya know, it don’t come easy”.  No, I haven’t been writing much lately.  It’s so much easier to sit in my recliner and let ALS exhaustion envelop me.  Everything I do any more takes so much energy and effort, whether getting dressed,running an errand, or sitting at my computer to work.  Sure, I have some ideas to write about but they come and go and nothing gets written.  Time has gotten blurry, and it’s hard to find things that really matter; it’s so hard to care.  I’m on the downhill slope.  In fact, this weekend I was wondering if God was giving me permission to quit trying to make a difference (I’m “retiring” from my communications work with the Presbyterian churches in the state.  By September I’ll be unable to attend meetings). 

But for whatever reason this morning is different.  There are still some stories to be told while I can still tell them, perhaps a thought or two that may yet inspire someone about Jesus.  I won’t promise that my writing will pick up, but I’m gonna try, depending that some how the Holy Spirit will give me the diligence I need.


5 thoughts on “It Don’t Come Easy

  1. Tom, I have shared your journey in a recent sermon, seeking to show people that you have every right to be angry with God but that you are experiencing much the opposite (not to say that you don’t get discouraged). When I have read your description of the healing service at the presbytery meeting people have responded very positively. Several have shared with me that your story has brought them hope. They go on to share a circumstance in their life where they have excluded God. Your sharing had turned them around! They are looking toward God once again. Thank you! And our prayers continue. Ruth and John Hicks

    • Ruth & John, It’s important that you know your prayers & sharing touch not only Tom, but the rest of our family too. It means the world to us to know that Tom’s words are helping others feel the everlasting power & warmth of God’s love. Thank you — ALL of you — for your prayers & support. ~Heather Kittleman Jarecki

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