Dear friends, I have been amazed by the response to my last post “doing Church in a New Key”.  I didn’t think there were so many others with the same itch!  I have more to suggest along those lines, but it will take me awhile to get it done.

The muscles in my neck have gotten very weak and it’s almost impossible for me to hold my head up.  Which means other muscles are wearing themselves out to compensate and that results in a lot of pain.  Consequently, I’m wearing a narcotic based dermal patch that keeps me pain free most days – BUT – the result is a fuzzy head and lethargic behavior, and writing is almost impossible many days.

I will do what I can in the next several days, respond to some of your comments, and take my thoughts a little deeper.

Thanks for reading.

Tom Tom


Awww Shucks!


Always interesting to see the responses to my posts.  My latest post “on Curveballs and Life” hasn’t generated any comment from the usual peanut gallery, but has been noticed by an unusual number of fellow bloggers – the first of whom was from India.  Also received a “like” from Alicia Barnhart who is an official blogger for Major League Baseball, writing the blog Ball Parks on a Budget.  It’s almost like meeting Felix Hernandez and being told he thinks I have a good arm (translation for the baseball impaired: meeting a baseball hero who thinks I throw well)!

Awww shucks m’am, just a little something I just threw together, pshaw.


In Prepare to Ride The Storm Out I alluded to a letter I had written to my family at Christmas about the 4 G’s of our own preparations.  A public version of that is now available as a seperate page with a link at the top of the home  page (Prepare for The Storm – My 4 G’s) if you are at all curious about my own preparation for my family.



Went for my routine 3 month Dr. appointments today, and began with the pulminary technician who gave me a MIP test; I have know idea what the acronym stands for, but it tests the strength of my diaphragm to pull in (ALS weakens the diaphragm muscle).  I had trouble getting a good test so I was expecting bad news – my last test was on the low end of acceptable, and further degradation would lead to being on some type of breathing support.  But i went from a -49  in December to -65 today, a major improvement!  Improvement is not part of the ALS experience.  Don’t know what it means, if anything, but any kind of good news with ALS is worth celebrating! ~ TT

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Thank You


TTC just passed 4000 views all time.  Some blogs generate that much traffic in a week, but I’m grateful for all of you who stop by on a regular basis.  FYI, Learn How to Pray continues to be far and away the most read article – I’m amazed at how often people find it as the result of an internet search.  Thank you again for reading. ~TT

Nice Feedback


via Facebook

Thanks Tom Kittleman for putting all this down. This helps me reflect on the foundations of my christian faith. The creed has so much meaning that you were able to unwrap that made sense. Back to basics at Christian Spring Training!

Interesting – our “youth group” church is in the middle of a sermon series on the Creed.  Perhaps its a Spirit led topic for the times.



Thank you to the folks who’ve expressed their appreciation for the Creed series.  Holidays, physical maladies, mental health days (a.k.a. ice fishing), and my other job have kept me from writing for several weeks, but next week I’m all over finishing the Apostles’ Creed.  Stay tuned. ~ TT



The all-time popular post at Tom Tom’s Confession continue to be Learn How to Pray, and Rimrocked.  I’m amazed at how often people stumble on those from a search.  Number three on the all-time list is now Learn How to Give, a post that didn’t generate a whole lot of interest initially, but has picked up a lot of steam.  Thanks for continuing to read, and I continue to pray that you will be moved closer to Jesus as you do so.

~ P.T.

Wowee Zowee


Wowee Zowee!  Today set an all time number of views at Tom Tom’s Confession, beating the previous high by 53%!  “My Confession, Dear Gloria Taylor” was most popular, followed by “Learn What You Believe part II”, and “My Last Elk Hunt – complete story” were next.  Thanks for reading.  ~ P.T.